Launching Atropine Sulfate Injection, USP, 1 mg/10 mL (0.1 mg/mL), in plastic pre-filled syringe

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Medefil has state-of-the-art prefilled syringe manufacturing capabilities. To-date we have supplied over one billion prefilled flush syringes to the market over the past two decades. We are in the advanced stage of setting up a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility (200,000 sq. ft.) at 405 Windy Point Drive, Glendale Heights, IL. 60139. Our expansion plan is to add capabilities to manufacture injectable products in plastic and glass syringes, plastic and glass vials and premix bags.

Current Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Fully automated mixing and formulation
  • 2 X 3,200 Liters S.S. process vessels
  • 2 X 1,680 Liters S.S. process vessels
  • Syringe filling (1mL to 10mL Fill Volume)
  • 2 fully automated high speed syringe filling lines
  • 315 syringes per minute
  • Terminal sterilizers & automated handling system
  • Robotic loading and unloading of trays and carts
  • Steam-air mixture sterilizers
  • Fully automated 100% syringe inspection system
  • Presence or absence of tip cap
  • Sub visible particulate matter
  • Liquid in ribs
  • Fully automated plunger rod insertion and labeling machine (vision capability)
  • Check lot number and expiration date imprint
  • Check presence of label and right placement of label on the syringe
  • Fully automated pouching machine and dispenser box packaging process

State of the art R&D

Development capabilities

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